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Buy your luxury coffee set at Govivia

Govivia offers different styles of coffee sets. In our broad assortment of Turkish coffee sets you’ll find everything you like. But, if this is not the case, we also offer Copper and Arabic coffee sets. The advantage of buying one whole and complete set at once is that you do not have to go to multiple stores to mix and match. And of course, it is delivered to your own doorstep. Some coffee sets include only cups, with or without saucers, but there are also more luxurious sets. For example, there are coffee sets which will include a serving tray or coaster to protect your table from stains and rings. Govia also sells your favorite Turkish coffee pots, do not forget to also check these out.

Popular coffee sets

Our most popular tea sets are from Koleksiyon, Glore and Gural. Koleksiyon coffee sets have modern patterns in their designs and Glore has way more different styles of designs. This is also nice, since there will always be a Glore coffee set that you will like. Gural is known for its more traditional designs, which also gives a calming ambiance.

The composition of the coffee set differs per brand. Some sets exists out of glasses and saucers, where other sets also have included tea glasses, water glasses and/or coffee spoons. Some coffee sets are also packed in beautiful packaging. Therefore, you can also order a coffee as a gift to be delivered to someone else.

Coffee pots

Turkish coffee pots are sold separately from coffee sets. There are coffee pots that match with some of the coffee sets, but there are more universal coffee pots so they will fit with more kinds of coffee sets. For example, Sonay coffee pots are available in the same styling as their coffee sets, but these coffee pots will also match the coffee sets of other brands.

We hope you like our offer in coffee sets and you can find something that fits your needs. If it may be the case you don’t find anything you like, please let us know! We are always open to feedback on how to improve our assortment coffee sets.

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